The last 4 years

For the last 4 years, it may have seemed like I, along with Studio137 have been in hibernation mode. Why?

Well the reason is both personal and professional – Professionally, I’ve been developing web applications (and moving into mobile apps too), more than I’ve been developing websites. And personally, along with moving to India, I have relocated to the Himalayas permanently. Let me go into a little more detail:


First, for those of you that might not understand what a ‘web application’ is, it’s basically an application you use through your browser. It’s often referred to (but not limited to) as SaaS which is an acronym for Software as a Service. So for example, Gmail is a web application, because it’s an application which you are using through your browser, be it Chrome, Firefox or Edge. The difference between web applications and websites, is that a web application helps you perform a function, whereas a website provides information on a product or service.

One notable web application project that I’ve been working on is Security Job. This is a simple solution for South African security companies. Think of it as an Uber for Companies, matching the nearest and best qualified security guard with the closet available vacancy. This app has recently launched, but hopefully it’ll help Security Guards find jobs faster. I also worked on another application called Dashboard, but that entire application is now being redeveloped as a new improved app, which I’ll share when it’s complete.

These opportunities have given me further experience in being a full stack developer and is now one of the core focuses of Studio137.


My wife and I have now moved to her family farm in the Himalayas. Although it does have it’s challenges, it has been great to live in the fresh mountain air in the middle of a beautiful forest. We’re also been quite busy on the farm. My wife has started a business called Himalayan Haat which employs local village ladies to help manufacture organic products from the farm produce as well as locally sourced produced.

Fortunately I am able to get OK internet, so business can continue at Studio137.

If you have any questions or wish to know more, please feel free to email me at

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