3 useful Gmail tips

Gmail is the largest online email client application available and not surprisingly… It’s a great app for handling your email. Gone are the days where we had to handle our own POP3/IMAP servers and manage the influx of spam with ineffective spam filters. Gmail handles email like a dream. But there are a few things that a new user, especially one coming from Microsoft products, has to get used to. Below are a few tips for using Gmail:

Right side chat

The chat window on Gmail often takes up too much of the labels panel on the left. If you have a large enough screen you can in fact move the chat panel to the right. To do this you only need to click on Settings (under the cog on the top right). Then click on the tab ‘Labs’. Now you scroll down to find “Right side Chat” and enable it. Press ‘Save Changes’ and then refresh your page.

Search Filters

Google is a powerful search engine and they harness that same power in Gmail, but you can also run filters to narrow down your search. On the search bar just left of the blue button there is a small arrow. Click on that to filter your search and you can even create a rule from that filter. Using this tool is more efficient then trying to organise your email. If you need to organise emails though, we suggest you use the labels feature.

Multiple accounts

If you click on your profile pic in the top right you have the option to add another account. This is helpful if you’re running multiple G Suite accounts or Gmail accounts. You can also delegate your mail to someone else should you be going away for a while and someone else needs access. Remember though to remove that delegation after you’re back!

That’s it. Hope this blog was helpful.

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