App Review: Free Accounting Software – Wave apps

If you run a small business and like me you’re not able to pay an accountant to do all your bookkeeping, then you inevitably will need some form of accounting software, because let’s face it you can only get so far with excel.

These days there are many cloud accounting solutions out there but most of them are not free. One exception to that rule is Wave Accounting. It’s completely free. Wave Apps Accounting has been operational as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application for a number of years which not only means it’s stable, but has been through many versions and upgrades since it’s early days.

With Wave apps, you can handle all your major accounting needs like creating invoices, general ledger accounts, and tools like connecting to your bank account making bank reconciliation really simple. Although these features aren’t unique among Cloud Accounting platforms, the fact that it’s free for life, means small businesses can save a considerable amount of money by not have to pay for accounting software.

We would highly recommend this web app for you if you’re running a small business as it provides you with all you need and it’s simple to use but most importantly is free to use.

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